The interior of your home offers you a blank canvas for expressing your creativity. With the right painting techniques, you can make any wall in your home come alive with color and texture.


Paint adds warmth, color, intensity, and tranquility to every room, and it’s up to you to transfer your creativity into the task.


Here are 2 unique home painting styles you’ll see in 2021:


Color Bands


Color bands are an excellent way to bring attention to focal walls in the bedroom or lounge. They act as a magnet for attention, and layering your color bands to match the color theme around your home

makes the room pop.


Color bands work well as horizontal or vertical options. Typically, lots of horizontal lines make the room appear wider, while vertical color bands make the roof seem higher.


If you blend the bands, it creates a subtle effect. If you create distinct color bands, it creates a bolder effect with the paint. Take a few hours to design different color bands with various combinations and vertical or horizontal themes.


Splattering Effects


The splatter effect provides a dramatic focal point for any wall in the house. The splatter painting style adds more texture to the wall, giving a 3D impression to the viewer and the room.


It’s best to layer splatter style designs, using color and tone to create a masterpiece on your wall. If you think the splatter-style paint design might be the best option for your room, play around with color ideas.


We recommend “washing” the wall with your base color before starting the splatter work. The wash helps to make the paint splatter pop against a complementary or contrasting background. With this method, the splatter takes center stage, creating a mesmerizing visual effect for the room.