When choosing plantation shutters for your home, one important thing to consider is the color. A shutter is mounted in a frame that will attach to the window casing. The frame is the area used to mount the panels of the shutters and will typically blend in with the frame so well that you cannot tell where the casing of the window ends and the shutter starts.

Plantation shutters are typically designed to appear as they are simply a part of your windows. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are matching the color of the plantation shutters to the color of the casing.

If you are using a trim color that is different from the shutter it can provide a crisp contrasting look. However, this is not often recommended. Using different colors is reserved for those who have an eye for more inventive decorating or those who like something just a bit different. You should make sure that the trim has been painted before you install the shutters as it is hard to change the paint on shutters after installation. Since hand painting typically results in a finish that is inconsistent, most shutters will be factory painted using a sprayer to ensure the paint is applied evenly.