Decorating a room inside of your home comes with many decisions. One of the most important choices is choosing a paint color. This serves as the foundation for the rest of your room’s design. Once you have chosen the color for the walls, the next step is to choose the color for the trim. Here are some tips on how to pick a trim paint color for the inside of your home.

First, the color of the trim will need to complement the wall color. Warm neutrals like cream go best with other warmer hues such as oranges, browns, and reds. If your wall color is green or blue, choose a cooler color for the trim. Clean neutral whites go with almost any wall color.

When it comes to the finish for your trim paint color, make sure that you are choosing semigloss. This is the best type of finish for any trim in any room because it is the most durable and is the easiest to keep clean. Additionally, it will help to reflect the light of a room, which creates contrast allowing the trim to pop next to the walls.

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