Are you planning on painting your home? While many homeowners pay professionals to do the job, you can do it yourself if you have the time.
The biggest challenge homeowners face with the project is choosing the right paint for the task. There are two types of exterior wall paint; oil-based and latex-based.

Oil-Based Exterior Paint

Oil-based exterior paint is water-resistant and durable. You get a hard finish, and it’s the top choice for professional painters. If you’re painting a wall that already has a coat of oil-based paint, you’ll need to paint over it with the same material. Oil-based paints tend to separate if they stand for a while. Before application, you’ll need to stir the paint to mix the ingredients.

Latex Exterior Paint

Latex paints are becoming a popular alternative to oil-based products. They are easier to work with and clean up. Make sure you choose the exterior latex formulation, as there’s a difference in strength and resilience between interior and exterior latex paints. Latex paints are easy to apply, resistant to UV rays, and dries quickly. If you spill, you can wash the paint away with water for easy cleanup. Acrylic latex is the best exterior paint for your painting job.

It covers primed steel and masonry, creating a long-lasting effect. Never apply latex paints over oil-based formulas as it results in peeling.