The first step to saving energy in your home involves tackling your home’s window leaks. If you think you might have leaky windows, don’t make the mistake of ignoring them! Leaky windows allow cool air to escape during winter or hot air to enter during summer, which means that your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable, costing you both time and money.

Signs of Leaking Window

If you suspect your windows are leaking, check the following list of signs that you have a problem. If any of these apply to your situation, call for home window replacement in Livermore to save energy and money immediately.

  • Rotten wood on the exterior
  • Musty odor
  • Stains and discoloration
  • Peeling paint
  • Sagging drywall
  • Mold growth

Common Causes of Window Leaks

Wear and Tear

When your windows are exposed to the weather daily, they take a lot of abuse. Over time, all that exposure and temperature fluctuation will cause your windows to crack and leak. If you notice water leaks, it’s time to call professionals for replacement windows in Livermore.

Poor Installation

Windows are not simply sheets of glass; each window is an elaborate system composed of multiple components. Poor installation techniques can cause leaks, particularly if a window’s gaskets or seals become damaged or worn out over time.

Design Flaws

In general, windows leak when there are design flaws—loose flashing, missing caulking, and improper installation. With window leaks, it’s important to note that not all window leaks are caused by design flaws; in some cases, you might have a water problem inside your home. However, most window leaks result from problems with your window’s design and installation.

Improper Window Sealing

Old windows are notorious for their lack of a weather seal, which allows them to leak heat and air conditioning during warmer months and cold in colder months. This type of issue can create drafts around your window frame, leading to potential damage and health concerns when you’re trying to keep warm or cool.

Window Leaks and Energy Loss

When a window leaks, it can cause heat loss in two ways:

  • Air leaks through poorly installed windows or poorly fitted parts like window frames and sashes
  • Warm or cool air passes from one side of an insulating pane to another as temperature differences inside and outside grow larger.

The easiest way to fix a leaky window is with replacement Windows in Livermore, which will restore thermal performance to an older home or keep your new home free of energy-wasting drafts.

How Does Window Replacement Saves Energy?

Windows are essential for keeping your home protected from outside elements, which is why leaks can be so dangerous. If you notice that your windows are letting air and water seep through, then it’s time to replace them.

Replacing leaky windows with a more energy-efficient model will cut down on your heating and cooling bills. What’s more, replacing your old windows is one of the most effective things you can do to save money on energy and keep temperatures within a comfortable range.

If you are looking for a window replacement or exterior painting contractor in Livermore, look no further. Get in touch with us now.