Do you live in Pleasanton and have old leaky windows that you’d like to replace? Your old windows might also be the reason for the high-rocketing energy bills you receive every month.

Window replacement in Pleasanton is one of the easiest ways to save money on energy costs, as older windows tend to leak both air and heat from your house. It’s also a great option to reduce utility bills without significantly changing your life.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Windows are one of the primary sources of heat loss in a home. The better your windows are insulated, the less energy you will need to heat or cool your house. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the energy efficiency of a window. For example, some windows are more energy-efficient because they have triple pane glass or special coatings on the exterior to help keep heat from escaping. In addition, there are also several things you can do to maximize the benefits of your windows. Some of them are listed below:

Windows with Maximum UV Reduction

Unexpectedly high utility bills are no fun, primarily due to old windows if you’re considering replacing your old windows with new ones, select windows with maximum UV reduction.

Replacing your windows with windows that have a UV coating will help improve energy efficiency, as well as help lower utility bills. Formulated exterior windows have to block UV rays from entering the home, creating a more comfortable environment that helps you save money. It also helps protect your furnishings and carpets from fading or becoming damaged.

Low-E Glass

Window replacement in Pleasanton with energy-efficient windows, such as low E glass, can lower utility bills. Low-E glass helps reduce the amount of heat transferred from the inside to the outside, so your heating and cooling costs will be lower. This can save you up to $200 on utility bills each year.

Double or Triple Pane

Having double or triple panes on your windows reduces the chance of condensation and cold spots, which can help improve energy efficiency. Double panes also make it easier to keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, saving you money on heating and air conditioning.


Older windows have draftier seals, which means more energy is lost outside, making your home less efficient. Weatherstripping helps seal the window and reduce drafts, which keeps your home warmer and lowers your utility bill.

Insulated Framework and Fusion Welds

The frame and the type of glass a window holds determine its energy efficiency. Insulated framework and fusion welds create an airtight seal that reduces energy loss, which saves you money on your heating and cooling bills. These windows are easy to clean with soap and water which makes it easy maintenance.

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