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Looking for professional home improvement projects to improve the quality of your life? We provide top-notch window replacement, house painting, artificial grass installation, and more. Your house is your castle, which is why we take the utmost care in doing all of our work on time and within budget.

Artificial Grass Installation, House Painting & Window Replacement in Discovery Bay

Get all your home upgrades from Landmark Exteriors! From window replacement to artificial grass installation in Discovery Bay, we are your ultimate destination for all your home improvement projects. It is important for us to build relationships with our customers. We are here for them from start to finish, and they don’t need to worry about a thing.

home window replacement in Discovery Bay

House Painting

Painting your house is a dirty job, but with Landmark Exteriors, it doesn’t have to be. Leave it to the professionals to get your house looking fresh and new. We use tried and true painting techniques across Discovery Bay, so our paint jobs are tough enough to handle anything.

Artificial Turf Installation

Replace your turf without paying the hefty installation fee. Landmark Exteriors installs synthetic grass to give your lawn a carefree feeling. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass requires little maintenance or watering. This type of grass is ideal for high-traffic areas. Landmark Exteriors is a dealer for all major artificial grass brands with over 16 years of warranty available.

Window Replacement

Concerned about the windows in your home? Window replacement doesn’t have to be expensive or scary. We can help you with any window replacement in Discovery Bay that you may need. We are a dealer for all major window manufacturers and ensure that you’re getting the best replacement window from the best manufacturers. We use only window replacement experts and installers who are licensed and insured.

Why Choose Us for House Painting and Window Replacement in Discovery Bay

Landmark Exteriors is a residential window replacement and painting expert with more than three decades of experience serving Discovery Bay. We are the experts in window replacement, house painting in Discovery Bay, and installing all types of artificial turf for your home.

Expertise – We’re a family business that has been serving Discovery Bay since 1992. We’re dealers for all major window manufacturers so that we can offer you expert window replacement and interior and exterior home painting.

Easy Window Replacement – Landmark Exteriors offers a variety of window replacements, including aluminum, vinyl, casement windows, sliders, and bay windows.

Affordable – We are a local family-owned company, and our prices are designed around the budgets of homeowners across Discovery Bay.

Quality Service – Landmark Exteriors offers a lifetime guarantee on window replacement in Discovery Bay as well as our exterior painting services!

We’re Fully Licensed – Rest assured knowing that we’re fully licensed and insured, no matter how much work you need us to do.

Replace your windows, paint your home, or install artificial grass with the help of our experts! We have been serving Discovery Bay since 1992, so we are confident we can do an excellent job on any project. Call +1 (925) 551-8070 for more.


Just like anything else in your house, windows do not stay forever. Replacing your windows is a great method to improve your house. Whether they become broken or you want to enhance, there will eventually come a time when you need to consider home window replacement in Discovery Bay. A few situations to consider home window replacement are, when:

  • Your Windows are Damaged
  • You’re Remodeling Your Home
  • You Experience Severe Weather
  • You Want to Reduce Noise
  • You Wish to Reduce Your Electric Bill

A painting job on the exterior often needs to be redone every 5 to 10 years. Stucco often lasts longer than wood, because wood expands and contracts more with temperature changes and causes the paint to come off more quickly. It is preferable to delay exterior painting until the house's exterior is severely peeling. When it reaches that point, you'll have to spend more money on preparatory time and perhaps dry rot repair. If you are planning for residential painting in Discovery Bay, you can contact us now!

The fact that vinyl windows in Discovery Bay just need minimal maintenance is one of their best features. The only thing you need to do is clean the window once a year or every few months to get rid of dust, bug, or leaf buildup. The material doesn't require to be painted or sealed. However, painting or staining something a color other than the factory color is much more challenging than painting or staining wood.

In terms of care, artificial grass is superior to natural grass. It saves you time and money over time because it doesn't need watering, mowing, or trimming. Additionally, there won't be any mud or dirt for you to unintentionally track into your home, and it won't attract flies and other pests. You can contact us for green turf installation in Discovery Bay.

While cleaning your lawn on a weekly basis is ideal, if you're a lazy or busy person, a monthly cleaning is more appropriate. Watering is required to restore the grass's youthful appearance. If chewing gum or other clogging debris can't be manually removed, try using ice instead. For clogged dirt and severely damaged detritus, use an artificial grass cleaner or a power brush. If you need to hire professionals for artificial turf installation in Discovery Bay, don’t hesitate to contact us!