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Discovering an exciting new home improvement project can mean better quality of life for you and your family! Landmark Exteriors offers a variety of professional home upgrades, including window replacement, house painting, and artificial grass installation in San Ramon. If it’s time to make a new impression on your home, turn to us! We take care of all jobs from start to finish, leaving a finished product that will leave you satisfied.

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Landmark Exteriors prides itself on getting jobs done right the first time. We only use the best materials so you can enjoy your house for years to come. From window replacement in San Ramon to house painting, we offer a range of services for homeowners to make their dream a reality. We’re a family-owned company, so we’ll never bring on a new subcontractor or do any work we’re not comfortable with.

Artificial Grass Installation

Professional Window Replacement

Landmark Exteriors uses only top-quality window replacement products to ensure they can last as long as possible.

Painting Services

All paint jobs are done professionally, on time, and within budget. As a leading house painting contractor in San Ramon, we specialize in providing exterior and interior painting services at affordable costs.

Artificial Grass Installation

If you’re looking for artificial grass installation in San Ramon, our skilled professionals can install artificial grass on top of your old lawn, giving you a lush new look without all the maintenance. A low-maintenance surface can always increase property value!

Why Choose Our Experts for House Painting, Artificial Grass Installation & Window Replacement in San Ramon?

You can count on Landmark Exteriors for quality service, fast turnaround times, excellent workmanship, and professionalism! Our experts are licensed and bonded and provide expert painting services, including exterior painting, interior painting, high-quality trim work, and window replacement in San Ramon.

 Save On Lawn Maintenance – Save money on lawn maintenance costs with artificial grass installation. Our experts install artificial grass in San Ramon to save time and money spent on yard maintenance.

Improve Your Home’s Value – Exterior paint jobs protect homes from weather damage, increase curb appeal, and can lead to a higher property value. With our professional painting services, we’ll cover all surfaces inside or outside your home without fail!

Professional Services – Landmark Exteriors provides stunning and affordable window replacement using the best products available in the industry, with an aim to improve your property value and save money in the long run.

Free Estimates – Get free estimates on all our services from experienced professionals who care about your home or project as much as you do! Landmark Exteriors is a family-run company: You can always expect us to treat every customer like a part of our family!

We Offer Affordable Rates – Contact us today to learn about our affordable rates for exterior or interior painting services!

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When it's not raining or extremely windy outside, replacement windows can be put all year long. Window replacement in San Ramon takes about one day for a typical project to replace all the windows in a home. No matter what time of year you replace your windows, efficient windows can help you save money on energy bills all year round.

Interior house painting in San Ramon frequently becomes dirty in a variety of ways, including hand prints around switches and knobs, spills in bathrooms and kitchens, stains on halls and corridors, and "soot" building up over electric lamps and other heat sources. In addition to improving look, removing dirt before it builds up lessens the likelihood that it will become permanently ingrained in the paint film.

Regularly check for dirt and anticipate that it will be there in and around cooking areas and everywhere at hand height. Always use a sponge or soft cloth and a light detergent to clean the surface in the beginning. Only use more aggressive cleaners when necessary.

Most manufacturers claim that their artificial grass will last for 8 to 15 years. However, artificial grass has been known to endure a lot longer. It all depends on the product's quality, how frequently you use it, and how well you take care of it. For artificial grass installation in San Ramon, you can rely on Landmark Exteriors.

Yes! For homeowners who wish to maintain their yard tidy and green while still letting their pets to play on it, green turf installation in San Ramon is actually a fantastic solution. The fake grass prevents pets from digging holes or tracking mud inside after playing on it. With routine maintenance, you won't experience bacterial or odor issues.

When deciding which windows are best for your house and budget, cost is always a consideration. The best method to acquire an exact price for vinyl windows in San Ramon for your home is to call us because there are various sizing and finishing options available. The cost of a project is determined by a variety of factors, and we will go through all the specifics with you during your consultation.